Appearance of lecture  

"Kawanishi-city International Association Anniversary Lecture" (Hyogo Pref.)
Place: Kawanishi city hall
Admission: free
Application & inquiry call: 0727-40-1106 Kawanishi-city International Association

Lecture: "Round-the world-trip by bicycle"
5.13 Sun. 13:00-16:00
Place: Yale college-preparatory school, Osaka
(5 min. on foot from Namba station, Midou-suji line.)
Application & inquiry call: 06-6221-2935 Osaka South

UNESCO Association Office


Report: The first of the series of 4 lectures at the Patagonia shop
Kanda, Tokyo

I'm glad to meet as much as 70 people assembling this time!
Thanks to the staff of Patagonia's earnestness, it was very successful,
I could share the ideas and feelings of the trip with audience.

4.22, 2001 Lecture:
" It's because of the great helps of everyone I met all over the world that my big dream has come true!! - Millions of thanks to them all"

Place: Iida-city Culture hall, Nagano Pref.

Sponsored by LABO International center, a foundation Audience: Elementary, junior high, and senior high school students, and others

2.1, 2001 "Round-the world-trip by bicycle - what I've seen, heard, and felt"
Place: the high school attached to OCHANOMIZU Women's college
They all asked me lots of question about my travel, curiously.  
Attendant 120 students in their first year!! A few senior students also happened to join in. I showed them the various photos by a projector, at a lecture room of the college.

■Past lecture activity ■

November, 2000 - February, 2001

February, 2000 - October, 2000