Thanks to the first-time visitors to this website, as well as frequent visitors. In this website, I would like to share my experience of gbike trip around the world with paid leave h, messages to and from you, my recent activities and future plans. Please sign my guestbook as well to share lots of things.

Since I came back from 4 years & 3 months of bike trip around the world, I have been sharing my stories to many people in all over Japan . As I travel the country for my presentations, I often become aware of my role as a gmessengerh. During the world trip, thanks to people who had supported me in Japan as well as countless people who had saved me in every destination, I was able to bring home only the best memories. My high intuition made me possible to foresee the dangers ahead. The help I had received exactly when I needed can be explained only by miracle. The more I run into such situation, the more I felt that something was letting me travel instead of I was traveling on my own. What I had experienced could have been just a rare coincidence. However, I feel like I have a mission or role to deliver some important messages to other people.

As I work in Japan , I get the same feeling that I got during my round-the-world trip. In African Continent, I met a number of incredibly kind people. This made me wonder ghow is it possible for people to be so nice to a stranger?h I believe the message I got in Africa; gvirtue is natural to the peopleh is also true here in Japan . Smile invites more smiles, family is precious, want to help people, resentment toward others will come back to yourself, csuch simple things are so true to anyone, anywhere in the world. By the way, my book, gI Made It.h, published after 1 year since I came back to Japan will go for the ninth additional printing thanks to everyone's support. Many people comment that feeling of gratitude has moved the things toward positive direction. Others sympathize with the pictures rediscovering the beauty of the world. And many people support my idea of using the royalty to return a favor to people who saved me along the way. Because of these people, I can assure that the virtue exists in Japan . And this proves that everyone wishes to help each other and live together.

If I stay true to my dreams and purposes, every tiny thing will connect to each other. And there are so many people backing the idea up. These facts move me deeply and let me walk on the gright pathh. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone and everything.

I am currently working on development projects (digging wells) in an African village where I would like to repay an obligation . Of course I sometimes feel the anxiety and pressure, wondering whether just a businessman can accomplish such projects. However, the worries solve nothing. gI have concerns but I do not have hesitationh. This is exactly the same feeling as I felt when I set off to the world. All I must do is to advance towards my dreams.

I will continue my activities while thanking to everything that empowers me to live. Please speak to me when you see me somewhere in your town. Thank you very much!

Tatsu Sakamoto