Tatsu update

6.10 Sun. 2001
Talk & Photo Slide Show at MIKI HOUSE festival (the shop event)
in Kasukabe Robinson department store, Saitama Pref.

Starts: 13:00- / 15:00-
Inquiry call: 048-763-9424

6.9 Sat. 2001
Photo exhibition & Speech at "do Culture A GU RI" ,Oi cho, Tokyo

"Photo exhibition & Lecture of Tatsu Sakamoto, a salaried man, who had traveled in a round-the-world trip on his bicycle" an office worker
Time / 13:30-14:30
Place / in the hall of " A GU RI"
Admission / free (only reserved, 25 seats)

Inquiry & Reservation call: 03-5746-1090
do Culture A GU RI

*Photo exhibition
Date: 6.1 Fri. -6.15 Fri.
Time: weekday/ 10:00-19:00, Saturday & Sunday/ 10:00-17:00
Place: the hall of "A GU RI"
Admission / free

6.3 Sun. 2001
Appeared as a guest in the program of Mainichi radio broadcast!!

Mainichi broadcast 1179 "Our Topics by Happou Tsukitei "
Date: 6.3 Sun.
Time: 16:30-17:36 (on the air)

5.24 Thu. 2001
FM COCOLO "SALUD CHILE" (radio broadcast )
Joined in the live broadcast program as a guest!!

"Salud!", from the studio in the World Trade Center, located in the Osaka Bay area.
The host of the program is a Chilean.

5.21 Mon. 2001 FM Nishi Tokyo "Nishi Tokyo Cafe Terrace"

Talked in the live radio broadcast program through whole an hour!!

5.20 Thu. 2001 " handmade lecture 'I made it !'" at Nishi Tokyo city regional hall


Photo panel exhibitions & Talk shows in MIKI HOUSE Festival

5.4 Fri. 2001 Nihonbashi Takashimaya department store, Tokyo
5.5 Sat. 2001 Yokohama Takashimaya department store, Kanagawa
Mr.Wakisaka, visited with his daughter (left)
Ms.Furuhata,MIKI HOUSE staff, working for a shop
in Kofu, Yamanashi.(right)

Photo panel exhibition at MIKI HOUSE Festival 3.23-26, 2001 Hakata Daimaru department store, Fukuoka
It's the 30th anniversary of the foundation of
MIKI HOUSE this year, 2001!!
Lots of MIKI HOUSE shops are going to hold
"MIKI HOUSE Festival" all over Japan!!
Photo panels & liquid crystal display shows "my round-the-world trip by bicycle".

Thanks to Kinokuniya books store's help, I could also sell my book "I made it!"

3.3 Sat. 2001 Photo panel exhibition (with my bicycle) and Talk Show in Umeda Hankyu Department store, Osaka
I was so glad a lot of customers of
MIKI HOUSE shop came to this show.
I also sold my books there.
I made some speeches about what I felt in my travel, with photos on liquid crystal display produced by SONY. (13:30-)
The children were so curious to ask me a lot of questions. " Were you afraid of wild animals??"

3.25 Sun. Lecture at KYOTO MIKI HOUSE BUILDING, a shop.

"Let's listen to the talk about the book 'I made it.'"
Date: 3.25 Sun. 2001
Time: 14:00-
Admission: free

There were 20 photo panels on display.
I also showed my bicycle & tent that I had really used in my travel. " By the journey, have you changed your ideas or feelings about homeland, Japan?"

Appeared in Yomiuri Shimbun ( most popular Daily Newspaper) !

3.15 Thu. 2001 Interviewed for the boxed item, "KAO (a person's face)".

Appeared in the radio program (Bunka broadcast)!

The program of Terumi Yoshida
Date: 3.15 Sat. 2001
Time: 14:25-14:45

Appeared in the radio program (ABC broadcast)!

"Chiyoko Mouri's the harmonies of journey"
Date: 3.3 Sat. 2001 Time: 12:00-12.30

Appeared in the live radio broadcast (ABC broadcast)!

"Good morning, this is the host, Yozo Dojo"
Date: 2.9 Fri. 2001
Time: 7:55-8:05, 8:10-8:20 am (20 min.)

It was the program that I used to listen to on my way to my office every morning until I left Japan, for almost 5 years. I was truly glad to meet Mr. Dojo, the host of it and all the other staff, welcoming me warmly.

Talked in the live radio broadcast (J-wave) !

TOKIO ONE of J-wave
"Weekend Athlete"
Date: 1.26 Fri. 2001 Time: 8:30- am

New Year's Day 2001
Sakamoto Family, gathering on the New Year's Day in 2001

My grand father became 96 years old, this year.
He's very fine.
Full of Japanese delicious dishes.