My first book, Now on sale!!(Japanese only)
Authorized as a recommended book of Japan Library association
(The 10th printing published in Feb 2005)

Selected as an article of the English reading textbook for high school students in FY05 from year 2005 to 2009 (MAIN STREAM, NEW STREAM by ZOUSINDO PUBLISHING, Osaka).

Title: "I made it."
Category: photo essay
Sub title: A guy who got pay on his leave for 4 years & 3 months and had traveled 55,000km around the world on his bicycle.
240 pages (with 80 pages of beautiful color photos by the author)
Price: 1,700 yen (16 dollars)
Publisher: Miki House Publishing, Tokyo, Japan
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It is now on sale at bookstores and MIKI HOUSE shops of all areas of Japan.
Representative: Kinokuniya bookstore (Shinjuku, Tokyo/ Umeda, Osaka),
  Sanseido bookstore (Kanda, Tokyo), Maruzen bookstore(Nihonbashi, Tokyo), 
LIBRO (Ikebukuro, Tokyo), Yaesu book center (Tokyo),
Asahiya bookstore (Umeda, Osaka)

I will repay people's favor by the royalty on this book in some ways(making wells, schools, etc.), who helped me in my travel.

Greeting by the author, Tatsu Sakamoto

(Home page Reservation privilege)
1. Original postcard (impressive scenery of the travel)
2. The author's autograph on the book Send you: by parcel post for books
Payment: You get a transfer sheet and pay the price into bank or post office in 2 weeks.
Price: (cases of domestic mail, in Japan)
  1 book 2,000yen
2 books 3,800yen
3 books 5,600yen
MIKI HOUSE bears the postage and the charge of mail partially.
How to order: by e-mail to (Miki House Publishing)
  Subject of the order mail: "Yatta. (I made it.)"
Necessary: your name, address (to deliver), how many you order, telephone number and e-mail address


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