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Tatsu Sakamoto
Working at the personnel department of MIKI HOUSE Co.,Ltd
Birthday : June 14,1968 Born in Tanashi city , Tokyo
I had been in Paris from 7 years old to 11, because of my father ' s job.
While living in Paris , I was fascinated with Tour de France. Since then I have been crazy about bicycle.
In 1992, I graduated from Waseda University, the School of Political Science and Economics and joined MIKI HOUSE Co.,Ltd.
I had been involved in the personnel department and the inventory management section, then started traveling around the world by bicycle from 26 Sep 1995 to 28 Dec 2002, for total 4 years and 3 months. During the travel, I had been paid by the Company(!!).
From 5 May 2002 to 25 Dec 2002, I traveled through Japan by bicycle, giving lectures at total 86 locations, mainly schools (The Bridge of Dream Project).
Participated in JICA Peace Talk Marathon from 2003 to 2007 (symposium for peace and international cooperation).
Joined The Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Program ( SSEAYP 2004 ) organized by Cabinet Office of Japan as a national leader. And joined this program (SSEAYP 1991) as a participated youth.
currently, I am working at the personnel department of Miki House. At the same time, using the hole royalty income I received from sales of the book with a tile of ‘ Yatta ' (I made it!), I have been involved in supporting to dig water wells or repair medical clinics in African villages where I was given a lot of supports during my travel.
Blood type: A, The second son of 3 brothers
A member of JACC (Japan Adventure cyclist club)



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